Hi guys, My experience with drum tutor mark grist (DRUMSHED.EU). I started playing the drums in January 2000, I was going to various music shops in Dublin asking them if they could recommend a good drum teacher, everybody i spoke to came up with different names, but everyone of them mentioned one particular name and that was mark grist. This led me to wanting to check this guy out, so i found out where he was teaching and went to see him, my education started out as a beginner and has led me to being able to read and play at the same time, i have now been playing for 8yrs and have been out gigging for the past 5yrs. I have played in several cover bands and a show band, i have sat in on several occasions with bands at the last minute not knowing half of there songs and have been able to cope with the situation ( improvise). I have recorded 1 album and 3 singles with 3 different original bands, in which 1 of the singles got daytime play on the No1 downtown radio station in LA!. I am only a part time musician but my experience and enjoyment has been great, this is all down to what mark grist has provided me with, he has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in: studio, recording, live etc, and all styles: funk, rock, pop, fusion, jazz, Latin etc. I have checked out a few more teachers along the way and for me they don’t even come close to this guy. I still to this day 8yrs later! go to mark for him to show me certain techniques, I find his teaching is most of all very enjoyable and very relaxing. Mark is not just a great drummer but a great guy as well and if you want to become a great drummer i seriously recommend that you check this guy out, you wont be disappointed.