My name is William Unger and I’m a drummer who has studied with Mark for many years now.
Getting Lessons from Mark really opened me as not just a drummer, but as a musician as well.
From learning basic rudiments, to advanced play-longs my drumming excelled really quickly and before I knew
it I was taking part in many bands and competitions. I claimed 3rd place in the Yamaha/Zildjian U18 young drummer of the year
2005 (aged 13). And now I am in the final of Rte’s ”class act” as a drum soloist. Apart from all that I was able
to thrive as a player in bands for years since the age of 12. I still study and learn a lot from Mark and he has also given me guidance for what it takes to be a drummer and musician, and I will continue to keep going for it for as long as I am still alive.