My drumming days began at the age of 8. For the first 4 years I learnt myself, listening and playing along to various music styles and bands, but I’m now very grateful I had the opportunity to start getting lessons. Without them I would not have the confidence, experience, skills & technique I have today. My days with Mark began in the now closed ‘Rock Steady Music’ Shop and then moved out to his own professional studio. With this move Mark’s setup & equipment has become better & better each year which helps with learning & recording. Mark taught me everything from the basic rudiments & stick control, to advanced techniques, to the top levels of Drumming today. Through the years I learnt about different time signatures, off-beat rhythms, solo work, tips & tricks and much more. Most importantly I learnt how to read sheet music for drums, including every style from jazz waltzes through to funk-rock and samba. This proved very beneficial in my Leaving Cert Music Practical through which I gained full marks. It may also help with future session playing or if I ever decide to teach myself. As well as Lessons I have been playing drums with many bands & musicians – gigging & recording – since 14 and I am now gaining some exposure & praise with a band called ‘Albyno Rhino’. Through the years if advice was ever needed on studio or solo work Mark could be relied on to give it, even on the simplest matter. It’s clearly evident these days which drummers out there have had lessons or not as soon as I hear them play, which really shows they’re worth the time & effort. Having one of the best drummers out there as a teacher also helps too. All the Best and keep Practicing

Paul McGonagle – ‘Albyno Rhino’

Paul McGonagle

A native of Dunshaughlin Co. Meath, Ian began playing drums and bodhran at 14 years of age. By 21 Ian studied for a year with renowned Dublin drummer Mark Grist going from the basics of the 26 American Rudiments right through to the interdependence of jazz and Afro Cuban patterns. Ian recorded and toured with Irish band ‘The West 70’s’ and has shared the stage with artists as diverse as Ronan Keating, Brendan Grace, Carlos Nunez, Donal Lunny, Mairtin O’ Connor and Michael Mc Goldrick. In 2007 Ian played bodhran in an ensemble of commissioned music for the Ryder Cup opening and closing ceremonies. Ian is currently drummer/percussionist and Bodhran player with River dance and has toured North and Central America with the show. When not touring he works as a freelance musician while also working on his debut album.

I was looking for drum lessons that would cover not only the technique but also all the styles of music that makes drumming great.
Marks obvious mastery of the instrument combined with a wisdom that can only be gained by years on the professional circuit offer that and much more.
I always think that people who are passionate about what they do make the best teachers and Mark in certainly that.
Informal yet informative and at a reasonable price. I’d recommend the drum shed to anyone.

Fearghail Saxe

My name is William Unger and I’m a drummer who has studied with Mark for many years now.
Getting Lessons from Mark really opened me as not just a drummer, but as a musician as well.
From learning basic rudiments, to advanced play-longs my drumming excelled really quickly and before I knew
it I was taking part in many bands and competitions. I claimed 3rd place in the Yamaha/Zildjian U18 young drummer of the year
2005 (aged 13). And now I am in the final of Rte’s ”class act” as a drum soloist. Apart from all that I was able
to thrive as a player in bands for years since the age of 12. I still study and learn a lot from Mark and he has also given me guidance for what it takes to be a drummer and musician, and I will continue to keep going for it for as long as I am still alive.

William Unger

I started lessons with Mark around three years ago, having first met him because I needed my snare tuned for a gig. I had heard from a friend that he was the man for the job. Needless to say, after our first encounter, I realized that I had a lot left to learn! I have been playing drums for over ten years, and have had lessons before, but always felt that teachers tended to dictate what I would learn. Mark is always ready to listen and encourage. He has helped me to develop my own musical interests as well as giving expert tuition and advice on all styles of drumming. Mark is an extremely talented musician and a great teacher, and I would be the first to recommend him to any drumming enthusiast looking to learn more, whether beginner or professional!

Colm Jennings.

My son, Sean, has been learning drums with Mark for over a year. I am delighted with the progress he is making. Mark has a great set-up in his studio for teaching drums-the student can play along in realtime with tracks or with Mark himself and the lesson is recorded on SD card for the student to bring home and practise. Mark is an excellent tutor and Sean has gone from total beginner to taking his first grade in the coming months.

Gerry Clerkin

After studying with Mark for about three years now, Im considering a career in music.
Not alone is Mark encouraging and supportive, he is also very patient with students. He’s
extremely talented and no matter what piece of music i bring to learn he is always happy
to help. Mark has taught me many styles of music from jazz to metal and his teaching methods
have brought me to a grade 6 standard already. I would highly recommend Mark as a drum
teacher to anyone, beginner or advanced.

Elizabeth Baxter

“I have been a Drumming Student of Mark Girst for about three years now. During this time Mark has taught me various different styles of Drumming
such as Rock,Metal, Funk, Pop, etc. I have learned how to read Drum Music which I have found to be a great advantage when it come to learning my favorite bands drum parts or learning from books. Mark also taught me good hand and foot technique, drum rudiments, para-diddles and their application on the drum-set, double bass drum technique and playing in different time signature’s”.

I would highly recommend Mark as a Drum Teacher for beginners and advanced players.

Gavin Burke

I’ve been playing drums for three years. I started off in the deep end with a rock n’ roll band that I found very difficult to keep up with. But as soon as I started with Mark I found I started to progress at a much quicker pace than if I had just been trying to battle on with tricky grooves etc. on my own.

Now all this time later I find myself still challenged and excited with everything he has to throw at me and it is just as rewarding to accomplish all the stuff we do together.
Mark has always been helpful in every aspect of my drumming life beyond the actual playing part. He doesn’t have a ridged schedule to keep with you as a student. If you want him to spend some time clarifying something he’ll be more than happy to help. I bought an electronic kit recently and we spent half a lesson tinkering with all the settings to get the best results. To date there hasn’t been anything that I’ve put to him that he hasn’t had a mass of information on.
I’ve had many music teachers and I’ve been most impressed with Mark’s approach to passing on his expertise. His easy-goingness tied in with all his vast experience and passion for the instrument is inspiring and makes for a fantastic learning environment.
His set-up in his studio is equipped to do nearly anything. You could bring in a track that your band is doing and record a studio quality drum track with him during a lesson. The two electronic kits are brilliant for a one to one lesson because you can hear everything that going on and its far more comfortable than straining your ears with ear muffs, especially when play along tracks come into the equation.
I usually have a lesson once a week however, I’m in college and have lots of other things going on during the week and Mark is great at catering for changing timetables. I know that he has students once every fortnight because that suits them better and he is more than happy to do it that way.
I would most definitely recommend Mark as a teacher to you if you’re starting off, have been playing for a number of years or if you’re an advanced pupil that wants to get even better.
What more can I say. He’s bloody awesome!
See you Saturday.

Conor Vella

Hi guys, My experience with drum tutor mark grist (DRUMSHED.EU). I started playing the drums in January 2000, I was going to various music shops in Dublin asking them if they could recommend a good drum teacher, everybody i spoke to came up with different names, but everyone of them mentioned one particular name and that was mark grist. This led me to wanting to check this guy out, so i found out where he was teaching and went to see him, my education started out as a beginner and has led me to being able to read and play at the same time, i have now been playing for 8yrs and have been out gigging for the past 5yrs. I have played in several cover bands and a show band, i have sat in on several occasions with bands at the last minute not knowing half of there songs and have been able to cope with the situation ( improvise). I have recorded 1 album and 3 singles with 3 different original bands, in which 1 of the singles got daytime play on the No1 downtown radio station in LA!. I am only a part time musician but my experience and enjoyment has been great, this is all down to what mark grist has provided me with, he has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in: studio, recording, live etc, and all styles: funk, rock, pop, fusion, jazz, Latin etc. I have checked out a few more teachers along the way and for me they don’t even come close to this guy. I still to this day 8yrs later! go to mark for him to show me certain techniques, I find his teaching is most of all very enjoyable and very relaxing. Mark is not just a great drummer but a great guy as well and if you want to become a great drummer i seriously recommend that you check this guy out, you wont be disappointed.

Nigel Kellett

“At aged 8 I asked my son which musical instrument he would like to learn to which he instantly replied “The Drums”. From the word go, Mark has had a wonderfully structured and friendly, encouraging approach with Jack who always enjoys his lessons and is happy to practise at home during the week. Now, aged 10, Jack has no doubs as to what he wants to be when he grows up….a “Rock Star”……….and with Mark’s continued guidance I have no doubt he will achieve it.”
Cheers Mark, all registered for the Grade 1 exam…..see you Saturday.